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Jordy discovered yoga while studying psychology in college. Tired, confused, and depressed she decided to seek inner guidance and strength. Yoga brought a larger picture to her life bringing a sense of wholeness and understanding of the infinite universe that we are all a part of. Jordy decided to change careers and obtain her yoga certification at the Yoga School of Therapeutics. Jordy studied alongside great Iyengar masters such as Aadil Pakhivala and Judith Lasater. In 2006 KU medical center did a national study, yoga effects on Parkinson’s disease. Since then, Jordy has helped students empower themselves to create wellness in Mind, body and emotions.

Jordy is also a energy healer in her level lll reiki course along with a continued study in sacred medicine.

Over the years she has deepened her practice by stepping into motherhood and assisting other women on the transition journey from maiden to mother. She is a certified birth doula and loves to teach keiki yoga.

Jordy’s approach to her yoga practice focuses on movement of the psychical body, allowing release of the emotional, energetic body from past traumas and disease. Jordy finds deep release and healing through other forms of movements such as ecstatic dance and qigong.

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