Celebrating over 15 years in Hawaii's Big Island

Connect with your inner light

Welcome to the Big Island's community Yoga Studio now located in two locations - Kailua-Kona and Waimea. 

At Yoga Hale™ we offer locals and visitors many options of class times and types of yoga at two different locations. 


Yoga Hale’s classes are now set in two locations one in Kona (mauka/ocean) and in Waimea (near the mountains makai). Our Yoga Hale Kona studio is set in a beautiful 2,000 square foot studio. Our Yoga Hale Waimea studio offers in a intimate studio setting nestled on Big Island's mountain region. We welcome all ages, genders, and experience.

Although Yoga is the main focus in our studio, we offer many other class styles that will help you to keep connected to your inner light. We are also happy to say we share the space with Pole Hale. Together, we form a true ohana (family) for our students to complete their wellness and fitness goals.

The Hawaiian word, Ha’le or House (pronounced: ‘Ha’ – like when exhaling), actually means BREATH; and ‘Le!’ (as in “pay”). 


We are dedicated to your well being.


In a busy life as we expand into the consciousness we at Yoga Hale™ share our love for this practice with you through a variety of classes and breath work style yoga.

We can’t wait to meet you on your mat…

Remember yoga is 99% percent practice and 1 percent theory!



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