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Aloha, my name is Dana Strang, I am a Yogi with a Master’s Degree, mom of 2 and health and wellness professional who believes everyone deserves to live a better life. A life that is full of laughter, challenge and change if one wants it. I believe a happy world is one in which people feel valued, they have a purpose and feel a true and genuine sense of belonging.

        •       What are the results you want right now?
        •       What is your ideal lifestyle?
        •       What is stopping you?


You are thoughts away from creating your best life yet. Successful, happy people are no different than anyone else. They simply think differently.
Thoughts create actions, which create habits, which create results.

Sometimes what you need most is a mentor or coach to help you reach the higher level of health, success and happiness you are looking for.
Click Private Sessions to begin your journey. Start building your bridge today.

Originally from Chicago, Dana currently resides between the Hawaiian Islands and Arizona and is a successful entrepreneur with Yoga Hale – a 4000sq. ft. wellness center – as part of her portfolio.
She has coached and mentored hundreds, from large organizations, corporate executives to professional athletes. Educated to the graduate degree, she has helped many people find health and happiness. Yoga is part of her life, having studied with some of the Yoga greats in her travels. It is a passion for helping others and healing that drives Dana. Firmly believing “life is what happens while we’re making plans” so be sure to “enjoy the journey.” 

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