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Beginning her yoga practice with absolutely no physical flexibility and an inexistent meditation practice, Shannon became amazed as she witnessed a transformation within herself, physically and mentally. Inspired to share her experience with others, she pursued her teacher training in India.


She chose to study Ashtanga at Abhinam Yoga Center, where both traditional and nontraditional methods were taught. The course focused on Iyengar’s ideology of injury-free yoga, with a hands-on approach on how to properly adjust and modify for every student. Shannon believes yoga is a personal practice and strives to provide a meaningful experience for every individual in her class. Seeing a positive change in her students’ faces at the end of their practice reminds her why she chose her path to teach yoga.

Shannon enjoys teaching all styles of yoga, as she finds benefits in all of them, and loves catering to the needs of her students. She teaches beginners Ashtanga, power vinyasa, vinyasa flow, yin, and a yin yang flow.

Allow yourself the opportunity to get on the mat, to serve your body and mind, and watch yourself transform as you flow through your practice.
Shannon looks forward to guiding you through this transformation.