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Originally from a small village in Estonia Madhavi Infinity is delighted to bring to you Body and Soul Harmonics, an intuitive unique blend of offerings. As a sound and energy healer, bioenergetic facilitator,

musician/singer/songwriter and artist (painter) Madhavi is convinced that sound, vibration, light and frequency is the best way to access every layer of human makeup to bring about wellness, balance of body, mind, spirit and optimization of human potential. Madhavi brings together ancient ways of sound healing utilizing live instruments like celtic harp, crystal bowls, shamanic drums, harmonium, voice while blending them with leading edge quantum technology, guided journeys and other processes that she considers helpful. Her own health journey over the years has inspired a lot of research and experimentation into natural ways of healing.

Some of Madhavi’s journey led her to a pilgrimage to sacred sites on the planet, some in India and ancient celtic lands, learning about cultures while visiting temples, megalithic sites, stone circles such as Stonehenge and Avebury. Madhavi has explored temples in Estonia, Finland, Lithuania, Austria, Germany, UK, India, United States, and Hawaiian Kingdom where she has explored ancient texts, Bhakti yoga, ancient mantra chanting and meditation, sound healing, breath work, channeling, shamanism, ascension, angels, mysticism, energy healing, sacred geometry, crystals and more.

Madhavi is part of Royal Kona Harp Ensemble and a celtic fusion harp duo called Inanna on the Big Island of Hawaii.

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