Chantel Durelli strives to always be a catalyst for others' highest bliss! From the Vinyasa, Hot Vinyasa & Hatha Yoga classes she teaches with humor, joy, & of course, sprinkled with a nice dose of good helpful information about your body.


Dubbed the "Entertrainer" in her old personal training days 22 years ago & also holding the current title of "Mama Bear" for the way she tends to her sleuth of cirque baby bears with her Kona based CIRQUE HALE: Aerial & Cirque-Us Arts Center & LA/SF based ECCENTRIC TALENT Cirque-Us Talent Management company she runs.


Chantel is certainly of an athletic background & cured in many different sports. Additionally, being of the blood of a professional baseball dad, fitness, health & mediation have always been Chantel's core values. Since 1992, YOGA has always been the cornerstone to whatever athletic modality she has chosen.


The favorites on her plate currently are Aerial Art, Fire-Dancing, Hula & Mermaiding. She hopes that she can instill the enthusiasm & dedication for fitness in you as well & hopes that you can adopt a better understanding of the "skin suit" you are currently utilizing!

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