Born and raised on Oahu, I have been exploring yoga, asana, and yogic kriyas for over 20 years, practicing and teaching Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Kundalini, and finally Buddhi.


Over the years, I discovered that Buddhi can be a synergistic mirror to the organic flow of one’s life and provides the energy for rapid shifting, expanding and growing. Buddhi is naturally adaptable to our unique creative energy, empowering our bodies, mind and intentions so we can organically share this energy and potency with others. Buddhi is a powerful method that directly and immediately allows us to experience the levels of our being deeply connected to our heart.


Practicing with a group it can be a powerful conduit for healing, manifestation and fun! I am continuously inspired by watching these experiences happen for others! My teaching style combines electronic music, multiple elements of yoga, asana, dynamic flow, sequencing, pranayama, dynamic hip and spiral movements, kriyas, cardio, and Tribal Bellydance. Buddhi sparks us to bridge the relationship with the physical practice and our dance with life in ways that are harmonious, sexy, rhythmic, invigorating, and full of bliss!

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