I am a born and raised Kona girI that has always had a BIG city heart. I grew up dancing many formats and have always had a love for movement and because of that, I never thought that Yoga would be part of my life. My mind was very closed to the concept and when a friend invited me to her “Shakti Flow”


class 10 years ago, I found it challenging, upbeat, fun and unexpected! Since then it has become my release… my therapy… my place to let go of judgements of myself and others and be full of Love and Gratitude in every facet of my life.


I started teaching 7 years ago and the most rewarding and beautiful part of teaching BUTI Yoga is seeing the amazing transformation from the inside/out. To see women embrace and love every part of their body, mind and spirit. When I see the fierce Goddess women in their true light, it inspires me!

I have 3 awesome children, 2 girls and 1 boy. I spend my days building a massive online presence for small businesses here in Hawaii and across the states. I specialize in Web Design, Brand Development, Social Media Management and Lead Generation.


You can connect with me at:

Instagram @sanyahinchcliff

Twitter @sanyahinchcliff