Hi I am Tasha. I am a mom of two daughters. Born and raised in Hawaii with a huge ohana (family) connection base. Huge! My biggest loves is my ohana, next comes my love for ocean therapy-paddling, surfing and fishing which keeps me deeply connected to my Kanaka Maori heritage. With the appreciation the ocean brings to my life I have other life fulling interest too! Like Bikram yoga, which I soon realized gave me great joy to practice it everyday! Love it too!!! It was then when I was introduced or stumbled into Inferno Hot Pilates from a visiting IHP instructor named Pam. I never missed a class and deeply fell hard for Inferno Hot Pilates so months later I became a instructor.  Inferno Hot Pilates is now a intricate part of my life and makes me feel amazing  so here’s my reason why I enjoy and love it:

Inferno Hot Pilates is a amazing intense full-body work­out using Pilates prin­ci­ples combined with High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) -Tabata sequences of 20 seconds high intensity 10 seconds rest— super-efficient! It combines cardio and muscle toning in a heated room. It keeps your heart rate up, helping you burn fat.  Absolutely no impact, so it is safe to prac­tice for any fit­ness lev­el. It is per­formed in a room slightly heated to 95 degrees Fahrenheit and 40% humidity.  The heat helps to aid your body to loosen up your mus­cles quickly, and the humid­ity helps you to perspire so your body releases toxins naturally — optimal elevation of your heart rate, boost­ing metab­o­lism, and safe healthy detoxification is the benefits of Inferno Hot Pilates. 

Inferno Hot Pilates also cre­ates long lean mus­cle mass, and increases your fit­ness lev­els and fat burning after a workout. It cre­ates a stronger core, increases flex­i­bil­ity and improves cir­cu­la­tion. In IHP all you need is your yoga mat and towel which mak­es it zero impact, pro­tect­ing your joints and mus­cles from the pound­ing of other exer­cises like jumping and run­ning. 

The Inferno Hot Pilates is a 60-minute class creates fast visible results, mental and physical strength and lastly you’ll love it! You will have fun moving with the most latest motivating music that will keep you pumped up, energized and engaged!!!  

All you have to do is show up at to a nearest Inferno Hot Pilates class and bring your H2O.

Change your future with Inferno Hot Pilates and Embrace your beautiful new powerful you️