Mickey first experienced the healing potential of yoga at an intentional community in Northern Thailand about 7 years ago. Since then, she has set off on a journey of discovery through yogic philosophy and asana. She went on to study ashtanga yoga in Mysore, India, learning about the rich history of yoga’s creation, and strives to honor the lessons passed down by the first yogis and yoginis. While studying permaculture in Puna, she took her first 200 hour certification course with Cloud Nine Yoga at the Hawaiian Sanctuary. Her school emphasizes the use of softness and creativity to engage students in their own yogic practice with thoughtful participation.

Mickey has a strong interest in kriya, using yoga as a cleansing practice, and will often cue pranayama in her classes. A lifelong practitioner of mindfulness and meditation, she uses movement as a tool to reconnect herself and her students with the present moment. Yoga means unity, and above all, her goal as a yoga instructor is to help spread an understanding of the deep interconnection of all beings. By rooting down to our true selves and being mindful of our daily experiences, we can easily see that yoga is ultimately a practice in cultivating community.