Having started her personal journey at age 15, Meghan is passionate about sharing the power of yoga, and encouraging others to pursue their goals through the strength, confidence, balance, empowerment, and self-control found in the practice. She received her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and Neuroscience (2o14), and enjoys incorporating this education with her 200-hour teaching certification she acquired (2015) at Hotbox Yoga, a Baptiste-style studio in Philadelphia, where her teaching journey began.

Meghan focuses on the ability of yoga to promote physical and mental wellness, longevity, and overall positive impact. She deeply believes that larger change is possible through the empowerment and inward focus gained through yoga.

Meghan’s teaching style emphasizes on alignment and breath, and incorporates a mix of power and restorative techniques. She uses an open approach to make classes accessible for people of all experience levels, goals, and abilities, providing skillful cues and options for inexperienced students as well as those looking to deepen their practice. Her passion, in conjunction with her empathy and open mind, allows her to broaden the accessibility of yoga however you show up on your mat.