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Growing up surfing in Rio de Janeiro, I knew since a young age that I’d be a yoga teacher someday. I felt connected to nature and her healing forces, and knew my mission was to help guide people into their healing. 

After getting injured in 2017 and having to do physical therapy, I finally found the true power and healing of yoga - and I fell in love.  Living in Montréal at the time, I dedicated all my time to hiking, cooking Ayurvedic healing food & juicing, and doing yoga.  After managing a yoga studio and completing a yin yoga teacher training, I was called by Hawai’i island to do my hatha/vinyasa teacher training. 

I’ve always believed in the healing powers of alternative and natural medicine and a few years ago I started dedicating my life to it. Now I have my 500-hours of hatha/vinyasa trainings, I am licensed to guide trauma-informed classes for youth, I have Reiki  I & II practitioner license, and when I’m not sharing the healing practices, I spend my days farming and helping develop more sustainable and environmentally friendly practices, or free diving and body surfing in our beautiful ocean. 

I’m happy and honored to share these healing practices with the world and help change one life at a time. Looking forward to flowing with you and having fun on our mats!

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