Hours & Cost

Wed & Thu :  11:00 AM - 4.:30 PM 

Fri & Sat: 2:00PM - 8:00 PM

$15 per hour (cash only please)

About Nai'a Sophia

Nai'a Sophia's life has been for 25 years about travels... organizing them, living them, until dolphins brought her to Hawaii in 2012. After a few days on the island she knew she has arrived to the place that is home... in every meaning of that word. 

She moved from Slovenia in 2014 and Pele allowed her to stay on the island for 2 years. Followed by the years of teaching, deep dives into her essence of being changed every aspect of her life, she started to practice Lomilomi from Daniel Spencer Napoleon for 8 months on the island.

Massages and touch has always been her love and passion and life brought her to back to herself. Dolphins and whales is the connection that was deepened on this island as well. Hours and hours spent in the ocean with the wild dolphins in the ocean has widen her perspective of life and all the different dimension we can swim into, but most of all - they have opened her heart and brought the joy into her everyday. 

Whaled called her on 2/2/2016 and since then she has been transformed yet again. They have become her guides, her inner strength, her guardians. The island called her back in January 2022 and she is here to share her love and aloha through the touch and energy flows.

The Dolphin Lomi is deep and relaxing energy work with loving touch... and many are feeling the ocean and dolphins or whales swimming right by them or even through them during 60, 90 or 120 minute session with Nai'a.